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Your Guide into the Russian licensing market
  • 146,9 mln Population (9th largest
    in the world)
  • 78%of population lives in European part of Russia (which is 25% of it's territory)
  • 25,8 mlnChild population,
    ages 0-14

Licensing in Russia is a Russian project working according to the international licensing standards. We share the values of Licensing International (LIMA) and promote their efforts into Russian Market: education, research and networking.

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News Новый выпуск журнала уже выпущен. Вы можете найти его в открытом доступе
08/07/2019 02:52:32 Новый выпуск журнала уже выпущен. Вы можете найти его в открытом доступе Details
News Новый выпуск журнала уже выпущен. Вы можете найти его в открытом доступе
08/07/2019 02:53:26 Новый выпуск журнала уже выпущен. Вы можете найти его в открытом доступе Details
News Новый выпуск журнала уже выпущен. Вы можете найти его в открытом доступе
08/07/2019 02:53:32 Новый выпуск журнала уже выпущен. Вы можете найти его в открытом доступе Details

Licensing in Russia today

Russian economy has been in recession since 2015, when national currency devalued more than twice. Since that, the Russian ruble exchange rate went up and down and both businesses and consumers were tired of the uncertainty. In 2017 ruble was quite stable, so companies that previously paused the expansion started thinking about business development again.

Since Russian licensing industry is quite juvenile, the licensees act carefully. They prefer to invest only if return on the investment is guaranteed, which applies, they think, only to well-known properties.
Preschool animation properties comprise nearly 90% of the market, thus competition in this segment is enormous. Other property types are not very well-developed: the remaining 10% consist of sports, design and sometimes corporate licensing. Around 10 licensing agents with vast portfolios work in the market. Some agencies gather up to 40-50 properties that are too many for their sales force to handle, therefore they cannot provide proper support for all the brands.

  • 16 citiesWith population over 1 million people
  • 20+channelsOver 20 TV channels for kids air in Russia.
  • 90%Entertainment properties, mostly for preschoolers

Moscow Licensing Summit

Moscow Licensing Summit is a unique b2b communication platform for experience sharing and business negotiations. This is a place where global players meet local companies. Our Mission is to make a comprehensive support and develop the licensed industry in Russia.

  • Exclusive information about licensing market development in Russia and on the global level;
  • Key factors for successful brand development and growth;

  • The best business cases and practices, keys to success at the licensing market.
  • Business communications with the local and global licensing market leaders;

  • Retail and licensing products: insider’s view;

  • Coffee-breaks for informal meetings.

The main formats are exclusive analytics in one session, networking sessions with manufacturers from all the consumer market sectors, licensing agents and brand owners.

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Magazine Licensing in Russia

The first and the only printed professional edition in the licensing market for all the licensing specialists, retailers, decision makers. We speak in Russian to the Russians about licensing.

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Licensing in Russia Special

The largest European licensed industry event Brand Licensing Europe was held October 1-3, 2019 in London (UK).

Although the main edition is made in Russian, we create 2 specials per year to tell the global industry in English about our market.

Our first experiment was rather successful. 500 copies of Licensing in Russia Special 1 were distributed at Licensing Expo, the main global licensing event (June, 4-6 2019 in Las Vegas, USA). The next step is Brand Licensing Europe (October, 1-3, 2019, London UK). Get ready to tell the industry about your brands! We are putting together 1000 copies of Special 2 to be spread at the show.

Let’s celebrate our success at Brand Kicensing Europe 2019!

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Licensing International

Formerly known as LIMA, our trade organization was founded in 1985 with the merger of then 5-year old Licensing Industry Association and 2-year old Licensed Merchandisers’ Association. Our goal is to establish a standard reflecting a professional and ethical management approach to the marketing of licensed properties. Today, we have grown into the leading trade organization for the global licensing industry with over 1,000 members around the world.

We are the leading facilitator in the industry, bringing different kinds of licensing entities together from businesses such as character, entertainment, art and fashion to name a few. Through our events, we introduce the best in class companies with the best in class partners across the industry. We have established seminars and programs for licensing professionals - new and seasoned. We give our members access to the our entire network of resources 365 days of the year.

Our mission is to foster the growth and expansion of licensing around the world, raise the level of professionalism for licensing practitioners, and create greater awareness of the benefits of licensing to the business community at large.

Marina Semenikhina